Intersex 2021: Brújula Intersexual. An interdisciplinary project where activism, academy and clinical practice meet.

Brújula Intersexual. An interdisciplinary project where activism, academy and clinical practice meet. 


The aim of this panel is to present the work that Brújula Intersexual has carried out since 2013.

Brújula Intersexual is a Mexican group which focuses mainly on generating community and reporting violations of human rights, especially the right to self-determination, integrity and bodily autonomy that affect people born with intersex bodies.

Our main objectives are:

  • Creating community in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.
  • Transforming social representations of intersex bodies.
  • Promoting human rights perspectives in the decision-making process of medical documents, clinical guidelines and care protocols of intersex.
  • Contributing to a critical and theoretical reflection on sexuality, sex and gender.
  • Having an effect towards a profound transformation of gender relationships and sexual stereotypes.
  • Taking part in the creation of public policies that make way to diversity.


  • Introduction – Minute 00:00
  • The Origins of Brújula Intersexual – Minute 01:27
    • Laura Inter.- Brújula Intersexual’s Founder and CEO, Law Degree and intersex activist. Her main work consists in providing emotional support, accompaniment and information to intersex people and their families, support the creation and advise different intersex organizations in Latin America, as well as support the creation and strengthening of intersex communities in different Latin American countries.
  • Intersex Call – Minute 11:10
    • Eva Alcántara Zavala.- Degree in Psychology, Master´s degree in Women’s Studies, PhD in Social Sciences, psychoanalyst, member of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (National System of Researchers), CONACYT, research professor at UAM Xochimilco, and general advisor in Brújula Intersexual.
  • Medical Needs for People Born With Intersex Variations – Minute 17:06
    • Carlos Alberto Narváez Pichardo.- Medical Surgeon. Internal Medicine Specialist, Outpatient Hospitalization Practice (private and public institutions). Professor of Medical Therapeutics. Clinical Bioethics Certificate by UNESCO-redBioetica. Brújula Intersexual`s collaborator.
  • Thinking la intersexualidad, South of Río Grande – Minute 24:50
    • Hana Aoi.- Systems Engineer, master in Women’s Studies at UAM Xochimilco, Vivir y Ser Intersex´s founder and coordinator, and coordination of institutional linkage and research in Brújula Intersexual.

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